What is "Pick up card" error?

Posted on 2023-10-10

When you encounter the transaction message "PICK UP CARD," it's essential to recognize that this is a decline notification sent by the customer's bank. This message signifies that the customer's bank is rejecting the transaction for specific reasons.

Common Causes for "PICK UP CARD" Error

The "PICK UP CARD" error message typically arises due to one of the following situations:

Expired or Inactive Card: The card in question may have expired and is no longer valid for transactions. Alternatively, it might have been canceled or reported as stolen or lost.

Response in a Card-Present Environment (Retail)

If you receive this message in a card-present retail setting, you should kindly request the customer to use an alternative payment method to complete the transaction. Additionally, exercise caution when dealing with a customer whose card generates this response, as it could be indicative of a potentially fraudulent transaction.

Response in a Card-Not-Present Environment (E-commerce)

In card-not-present environments like mail order/telephone order or e-commerce transactions, receiving the "PICK UP CARD" response could indicate that a stolen or lost card is being used for the transaction. In these cases as well, it's crucial to exercise caution when dealing with customers whose cards trigger this response, as it may raise red flags for potential fraud. 

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